It’s almost summer here in Alberta, and with that, we are upon wasp season! Unlike the friendly bee who makes delicious honey, wasps are a nuisance around food as well as a potential danger for children, pets, and people like myself who run with their hands waving in the air when they come about!

Throughout this article, we will provide you with the tools you need to succeed in wasp control in 2023!

What Will Attract Wasps To Your Yard?

When it comes to pest control and ensuring you prevent a wasp infestation, it is important to understand what attracts them.

In order to survive it is clear that wasps just like any other species are attracted to food and shelter. Insulated walls, cracks, and crevices will provide a safe and warm space for these pests to survive. After hibernating all Winter, your Spring garden will give them a food source, giving them a reason to stay – much like their own personal hotel!

Wasps tend to hunt for a portion of their food, however, if there happens to be a free meal, they love it. Everyone enjoys a barbeque, and those steak and burger scraps or grill drippings are the perfect meal for these protein-based dieters.

Don’t forget about those soda cans! We all enjoy a nice can of cold pop during hot summer months, but leftover cans provide a haven for an infestation. Be sure to keep your backyard tidy and free of leftover food and cans to help deter these nuisances.

How To Get Rid Of Them

Now that we know what will attract them to your yard, how can you get rid of them if they have already found a cozy space? Here are 2 ways you can treat the issue yourself!

  1. Hang Wasp Traps

A wasp trap is extremely effective and the most common way to rid to get rid of them. This method may cost money as you will need to replace them as they accumulate dead wasps.

  1. Spray The Nests

Purchase wasp spray at your local gardening or hardware store. Carefully read the instructions, wear proper protective clothing, and spray in the evening if you can!

Whether you are a residential homeowner or a commercial business owner, we hope these tips have been valuable in preventing or ridding yourself of wasp activity. We understand that it is hard, especially in summer to make sure you keep a tidy backyard. If you can make an effort to keep your barbeque clean or at least covered and remove any leftover cans, this will help deter wasps from finding a food source in your yard.

When you are in the midst of wasp nests, hanging wasp traps or purchasing a store-bought wasp nest spray may eliminate your pest problem.

What If You Already Have A Wasp Problem?

If you find that you have a wasp situation on your hands that requires safely removing the nest or any other pest problem you should contact a reputable pest control company like Assassin Pest Control. For any questions you might have, please remember: advice is always FREE! We will provide you with a pest management program for your home or business establishment that will get rid of wasp nests for good!

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