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Assassin Pest Solution is the leading provider of Pest Control & Extermination Services in Airdrie, Alberta.

Your Airdrie Pest Control Experts. Born and raised in Airdrie, Scott is committed to the business community via the Airdrie chamber of commerce and continues his effort to make a difference.

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As Airdrie Pest Control Experts, we are focused on delivering quick, customized solutions to our customers, and providing ethical and effective solutions to all pest problems. Our expertise and commitment to excellence in pest control ensure that you will experience the best results in a timely manner.

While some pest control companies in Airdrie have slow response times due to central scheduling, at Assassin Pest Solution, you will be directed to your local Pest Solution Specialist for quotation and scheduling.

With over 30 years of combined field experience in safely and effectively treating and removing pest infestations in Central and Southern Alberta, we believe everyone should have access to quality service that makes them feel comfortable and valued. For the most effective and discreet pest control company in Airdrie, contact Assassin Pest Solution.

Assassin Pest Solution is a member of the Canadian Pest Management Association, National Pest Management Association & The Pest Management Association of Alberta. We have access to the latest and most advanced technology in the pest control industry and are committed to providing the best service possible with no negative impact on the environment. It is our goal to be a leader in our field while maintaining a strong environmental program.

Airdire Chamber of Commerce


In Airdrie, Scott Fortna is your Pest Control Expert.


Born and raised in Airdrie, Scott is committed to the business community via the Airdrie chamber of commerce and continues his effort to make a difference.

Post-secondary Education:
Olds College majoring in Turf Management.
-Entomology 101,201
-Plant/Tree ID
-Landscape Pesticide Applicator (2003-current)
-Structure Pesticide Applicator (2008-current)
-Exterminator since 2008

Call or text Scott @ (403) 616-0350 with your questions or concerns about any Airdrie pest control issue. Advice is free!

Client Testimonials

"Great results, quick friendly service. Called on Saturday, and Scott was able to fit me in the next day. He knew right away what was eating all our plants, and what to do about them."

Landon McClocklin

"Today I called Scott as there is a wasp nest under my siding and getting into my house. Scott gave me a whole lot of easy to understand information. Advised me what to do and the steps to take the next time I see wasps (in the spring). Scott knows what he is talking about, he was willing to come to me ( I live in Rural Alberta) but knows that I would be able to manage them this late in the year. If the wasp show up next year I will be on the phone right away cos now I have this information on wasps I know that Assassin will be the company to go to! Thank you Scott for your help."

Tara Burns

"I had a little ant (pun intended) problem in my condo on and off for 2 years. When I finally got tired of it I contacted my condo board management company for a recommendation. They indicated that they recommend Scott and Assassin Pest Solution. Within hours of contacting Scott, we had a game plan as to how to rid my tiny problem. He was professional, informative, and prompt considering I'm from out of town. I am now ant free and can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Thanks Scott!"

Jill Miller

"Scott came out to rid our condo complex of wasp, he went above what was expected and has won a lifetime customer, Awesome service!!!!"

Joe Crosby

Airdrie Pest Control F.A.Q.

Why are we hearing so much about Bed Bugs?

Worldwide, reports of bed bug infestations have increased. Some reasons for this might be:
* They are becoming more resistant to chemical control measures
* More awareness of what an infestation looks like
* More people are traveling

Where are bed bugs found?

They like to be close to food sources (people) and prefer dark, cool, hiding places.

How do bed bugs spread?

They come home in your luggage and clothing. They can crawl from room to room.

How do I know I have bed bugs?

You will see dark spots on sheets and mattresses and may even notice a sweet raspberry-like smell that is a bit musty. Learn More about bed bugs.


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