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Bed Bug Exterminator: How Do Bed Bugs Work? (Video)

Check out this cool video from BrainStuff – HowStuffWorks on the topic of how bed bugs work: Transcript: You’ve just woken up. Something smells musty and sweet… When you open your eyes your bed has a trail of molted insect shells, rust-colored stains and…...

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Severe Alberta Bed Bug Infestation (Video)

This video of a bed bug infestation in central Alberta may not be pleasant to look at, but it will give you an understanding of what a severe infestation looks like.  Don't wait until things get this bad. If you have any concerns about your own possible bed bug issue,...

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Pest Control for Restaurants & Food Establishments

Food safety is one of the most important aspects of operating a restaurant.Customers trust that the food they’re purchasing was consistently stored, prepared, and handled in a sanitary way that will not compromise their health. Implicit in this trust is the belief...

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