Year after year, we see an increasing number of cockroaches in Alberta. According to MyHealth Alberta, the most commonly encountered species here is the German cockroach. However, Alberta has been home to multiple different species of roaches, each with its own habits and behaviours, making identification and extermination a tricky process. It’s important to note that cockroaches can pose health risks, as they are known carriers of various diseases and allergens.

German Cockroach

The German cockroach is usually around half an inch long and usually is found in residential areas. They can be found anywhere around the home, but they usually prefer to hide around wooden materials such as furniture, baseboards, and cabinets. Additionally, German cockroaches love to hide in dark, humid areas of the house; this makes your kitchen particularly susceptible to infestation.

Health Hazards

If the thought or sight of cockroaches doesn’t make you sick, their presence certainly will. Cockroaches are known carriers of harmful bacteria (such as salmonella) and allergens. Exposure to bacteria caused by cockroaches can make you, your friends, and family very sick. Along with this, exposure to allergens can make asthma worse and, in some cases, cause an asthma attack- a dangerous medical event.


Here are some expert-approved ways to reduce the likelihood of a cockroach infestation in your home:

  1. Vacuum frequently to reduce the amount of crumbs and food particles on your floor
  2. Encourage proactive dishwashing habits to minimize the presence of food in your kitchen
  3. Store food properly when not in use
  4. Call your local home pest control expert to ensure proper prevention and removal

Pest Control

Unfortunately, sometimes, having good pest prevention habits is not enough to prevent an infestation. If you suspect you have an infestation, it is highly recommended to call a reputable and safe pest control expert.

Dirty dishes cockroaches
It is essential to ensure that you choose a pest control expert who uses a safe yet effective technique since some chemicals may hurt pets in the home. Some sources say that you can handle specific infestations on your own, but when the health and safety of you and your loved ones are at stake, it’s best to call your certified pest control expert.

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