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We will bring comfort to your business


Integrated Pest Management

Our team expertly coordinates pest control solutions and services to avoid any delays

Commercial Pest Control

There is no chance for pests to survive at your restaurant, retail store, commercial property or hotel. Ensure long term solutions with our pest control program.

Service Documentation

We give you instructions for safe and effective prevention measures to follow. The health and safety of your business is our priority!
Assassin Pest Control

Comprehensive Pest Removal

At Assassin Pest Control, we offer fast, effective and reliable extermination services for your business. We will customize a program to suit your unique business needs based on a detailed on-site inspection. With years of experience, we are committed to providing superior service through highly qualified, trained professionals and advanced technologies. 

Pest Management Program

In today’s highly competitive market, it is imperative you have a solid Pest Management Program, (PMP) in place. Your PMP needs to be pro-active rather than re-active. By the time you discover the problem, your customer or staff has most likely experienced it.

The basis of any great PMP is to correct the deficiencies that could potentially lead to a problem and then monitor for activity. This is where Assassin Pest Control excels. We have the experience with restaurant’s as well as large manufacturing facilities.

We know that pest control services is more about the inspections and preventative programs than it is about the catches. We realize the importance of keeping the pests out of the facility. With years of experience with HACCP programs and a trained auditor in the company, we can guide you and your team to success. Contact our experts in Airdrie and Red Deer pest control and let’s keep your business pest-free today!


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Assassin Pest Control
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