Warm weather means rocking in your favourite chair on the porch, playing catch, and dodging wasps. Don’t let them ruin your good time, though. With a little help from Assassin Pest Solution in Alberta, you can learn how to identify wasps, check for an infestation, and when to hire our professional wasp removal experts.

How to Identify Wasps

With 14 species of wasps found in Alberta, it might be hard to tell them apart from bees and other flying insects, but all wasps share common characteristics:

  • Skinny or pinched waist
  • Black colouring with white, orange, or yellow markings
  • Less hair and generally larger than bees

The most common types are the striped yellow jacket, brownish-coloured boldfaced hornets, and the slightly thinner paper wasp. With this in mind, let’s talk about how to tell if there’s a nest threatening your property.

Signs of a Wasp Infestation

Groups of Wasps

The easiest way to identify an infestation is by looking for swarms of wasps. If you see groups of them flying around your home, there might be a nest nearby. Pay attention to their flight paths to find the nest, but don’t get too close.

Chewed Wood

Many pests, including wasps, build nests by harvesting wood for your home. If you notice holes in the wood around your house, you might have a nest hidden around your home. In this case, it might be time for professional pest control.

Spotting a Nest

Wasp nests are either made from wood or mud. In the spring, they start small but grow as the queen lays more eggs. Wasp nests can either be visible in corners on your porch or shed or hidden in old rodent burrows. As territorial pests, wasps aggressively defend their nests.

When to Seek Professional Wasp Removal

Your neighbor claims he successfully doused a wasp nest in gasoline and lit it on fire, but his lack of eyebrows and number of welts tells another story. You might get “lucky,” too, but why risk it? Because wasps are so aggressive, relying on home remedies to get rid of them can be both dangerous and ineffective.

But don’t worry! Assassin Pest Solution comes prepared with everything we need for wasp nest removal. Tell us about your problem and we’ll send a professional wasp exterminator armed with a customized solution. Our tactics involve a little bit more than lighter fluid and trash bags.

Why Trust Assassin Pest Solution

With over 30 years of combined pest removal experience, the licensed experts at Assassin Pest Solution have removed wasps from everywhere. We perform professional wasp control for:

As local wasp removal experts, you won’t have to wait around for us. We’ll arrive quickly with environmentally conscious, cutting-edge technology. We’re on-call 24/7, so feel free to reach out anytime for service or just some free pest advice!

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