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Integrated Pest Management

Our team expertly coordinates pest control services to avoid any delays

Industrial Pest Control

Immediate response & complete pest control for Oil Field, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Shop, Grain Facilities

Service Documentation

We give you instructions for prevention measures and control programs to follow.
Assassin Pest Control

Comprehensive Pest Removal

There are a number of strategies you can employ to ensure you don’t end up with a problem, or even more difficult – an infestation. You can call or contact us for advice – it’s always free for Industrial Pest Problems.
Confidentially discuss your situation with us, and if needed one of our licensed and experienced exterminators will come out and assess the situation. They will inform you of the findings and your options for long term pest control solutions. From pest activity to bird control, Assassin Pest Solutions will help your industrial company avoid major delays due to pesky critters!

Pest Management Program

In today’s highly competitive market, it is imperative you have a solid Pest Management Program, (PMP) in place. Your PMP needs to be pro-active rather than re-active. By the time you discover pest activity, your customer or staff has most likely experienced it.

The basis of any great PMP is to correct the deficiencies that could potentially lead to a problem and then monitor for activity. This is where Assassin Pest Control excels to prevent pests. We have the experience with small businesses as well as large manufacturing facilities. Our control programs prevent pests and offer long term solutions.

We know that pest control services is more about the inspections and preventative programs than it is about the catches. We realize the importance of keeping the pests out of the facility. We have proven experience with HACCP programs and have a trained auditor in the company that can guide you to success. 




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