Food safety is one of the most important aspects of operating a restaurant.

Customers trust that the food they’re purchasing was consistently stored, prepared, and handled in a sanitary way that will not compromise their health. Implicit in this trust is the belief that your establishment is free of pests and rodents.

pasta being madeWe all know how quickly a business can be ruined with the appearance of a single mouse or cockroach- and with good reason. Mice, cockroaches, flies, and other pests carry hundreds of diseases that are easily transferred to humans through cross contamination. Don’t be that business.

Pest control for restaurants is a safety measure that must be implemented and maintained at all times to prevent the contamination of your products. It is not only expected, it’s required by law. The Alberta Public Health Act has specific pest control measures for food establishments that read as follows:

21(1) The commercial food establishment and any surrounding area, premises or facilities supporting the commercial food establishment must be kept free of pests and of conditions that lead to the harbouring or breeding of pests.

21(2) A written record of all pest control measures used in the commercial food establishment and surrounding area, premises and facilities referred to in section (1) must be maintained

Know what to look for, and hire a professional Exterminator

Pests are attracted to restaurants due to the abundant food supply, so proper storage and cleanliness is essential to keep them out of your building. A pest control checklist can be used to gauge your progress and needs towards implementing an effective pest control program.

Being pro-active with pest control is the best line of defense to protect your kitchen from an unwanted and costly pest problem.
Even better, regular pest inspections from a certified exterminator or pest control company like Assassin Pest Solution will give you a considerable advantage in preventing infestations. As experts we have a trained eye for seeing the first signs of unwanted visitors, and the experience to get them out quickly. Additionally, our inspection reports are professional, thorough, and save you the hassle of record keeping.

Whether you’re considering a new restaurant location, establishing a pest control program for your existing business, or need help with a current pest problem, we can help you prevent the problem or eliminate it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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