Social wasps are considered aggressive, even when unprovoked. The venom can cause severe allergic reactions. Although wasps are beneficial, they can become a problem. Wasps will sting to protect their nests. Professional pest control is recommended to remove active nests.

To avoid wasps:

  • Keep picnic food covered.
  • Cover garbage cans tightly.
  • Watch for nests around your home. You can often prevent a queen from making a nest. Wasp control is much easier than pest removal.

If the nest isn’t problematic, leave it until it’s abandoned in late fall, early winter. If you need to remove the nest, keep in mind that wasp nest removal is not a DIY project. The pest experts with Assassin Pest Solution have the tools and equipment to stay safe during pest control. Contact us for extermination.

When to Hire a Professional for Wasp Pest Control

Looking for Pest Control? Suffering from a Wasp Infestation, Health Canada recommends hiring a professional extermination service such as Assassin Pest Solution.

Nest removal can be dangerous and extreme caution must be used because of the risk of attack by a large group of wasps. Although a homeowner (with enough protection) can remove a nest, professional help is recommended.” If you rent, know know your landlord is legally obliged to keep your home pest-free. Call us, the advice is always free!

Sources: Health Canada

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