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Assassin Pest Solution is the leading provider of Pest Control & Extermination Services in Red Deer, Alberta.

Your Red Deer Pest Control Experts. Professional local exterminators with over 30 years of combined experience serving Red Deer, Airdrie, and surrounding Central Alberta communities.

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For Red Deer Pest Control, we are the solution. Assassin Pest Solution was founded by a team of experienced Pest Solution Specialists who are passionate about pest control. We can properly identify the pest, we understand the pest behavior, and consequently, we can determine the best method for removing or eliminating the pest. 

While some companies have slow response times due to central scheduling, at Assassin Pest Solution, you will be directed to your local Pest Solution Expert for quotation and scheduling.

Assassin Pest Solution has over 30 years of combined field experience in safely and effectively treating pest infestations across Central and Southern Alberta. As a result, we believe everyone should have access to quality pest control services that make them feel comfortable and valued.

In Red Deer, Randy Unger is Your Local Pest Control Expert.



Randy does all of our social media and loves to answer your questions. His motto is “Advice is Free”. Contact Randy @ (403) 681-3511 with your questions or concerns about any Red Deer pest control issue. Advice is free!

Client Testimonials

"Along with knowledge and experience in the field which is unmatched, you get the privilege of dealing with Randy. A unique, customer-service focused individual. Randy treats his customers like friends so you get the solution you need to your pest control issues not some standard package you might get from some other companies. I highly recommend Assassin."

Tim Buckley

"Randy was “the best”! He came on short notice to remove a wasps nest in the eves of our garage, a few days before our sons wedding. Excellent service and his knowledge is impeccable. Highly recommend."

Adrienne Higgins-Potter

"I don’t normally share businesses but I must put out a blurb for Assassin Pest Solution. Randy Unger sprayed our yard with a new chemical used for ants, mosquitoes, those damn flies that bite my dogs, etc. The price was beyond fair and again Randy delivered beyond our expectations!!!! NO BUGS!!! No ants in our trees and dogs have been out lots with NO bites!!! A win win! If any of my fb friends are in need pls give Assassin a call. You won’t be disappointed!!!! (This is not a paid advertisement. Just a happy customer.)"

Carrie Bourgeois

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Red Deer Pest Control F.A.Q.

Why are we hearing so much about bed bugs?

Worldwide, reports of bed bug infestations have increased. Some reasons for this might be:
* They are becoming more resistant to chemical control measures
* More awareness of what an infestation looks like
* More people are travelling

Read more about them here

Where are bed bugs found?

They like to be close to food sources (people) and prefer dark, cool, hiding places.

How do bed bugs spread?

They come home in your luggage and clothing. They can crawl from room to room.

How do I know I have bed bugs?

You will see dark spots on sheets and mattresses and may even notice a sweet raspberry-like smell that is a bit musty. Learn More about bed bugs.


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