Cluster flies are about 8 to 10 mm (.31 to.39 inches) long and are dark grey, with black and silver (non-metallic) checkered stomachs. They tend to have lots of golden hairs on their upper body (these may or might not be present on older flies). Unlike home flies, their wings overlap when they are at rest.

How Do You Know If You Have A Cluster Fly Problem?

You will find Cluster Flies hibernating in remote areas of your homes (in wall spaces, attics, closets, and empty spaces). Particularly annoying is are the spots they leave behind on drapes and walls. Dead Cluster Flies in wall voids, tend to draw in larder beetles, which will feed on the dead flies and then migrate to other locations of your house.

In the late fall, you will find adult cluster flies looking for seasonal shelter in any little opening they can discover in the house siding or under eaves. They will sun themselves during the day and look for a warmer location as the sun goes down.

A fly problem ends up being more apparent on days when temperature levels increase and the flies become more active, collecting in windows where light attracts them.

Cluster flies are an annoyance and tend to be disastrous for our helpful earthworm population.

Tips to Prevent a Cluster Fly Infestation

Clustering flies can enter your house through the tiniest fractures around door and window frames, however likewise through any other little unsealed opening. To prevent infestation:

Make sure that all screens fit correctly with no holes that would permit flies to enter your home.
Set up bug screening over air vents in soffits.
Use weather stripping on windows and doors.
Fill cracks or crevices around doors, window frames & other openings with caulking.

How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies in Your Home or Business

If the problem is bad enough, pesticide products can be used. An expert pest control operator can evaluate the scenario and may pick to generate pesticides that can be sprayed on interior doors and window frames, baseboards, localized locations of floorings or floor coverings, below furniture, and in crevices and closets and other locations where insects conceal or are seen.

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