Gophers in Alberta are very common, and go by many names including pocket gophers, prairie gopher, northern pocket gopher, yellow gopher, flickertail, and Richardson’s ground squirrel. A gopher problem can be a nuisance to property owners, especially to rural landowners whose property and crops are negatively impacted by their presence.

Gopher Control & Extermination

If you think you have a gopher infestation or other rodent problem, contact us. You can confidentially discuss your situation with us, and if needed one of our licensed and experienced exterminators will assess the situation and inform you of the findings and your options for rodent control.

About Gophers in Alberta

Richardson’s ground squirrel is the proper name for the animal most commonly known as the gopher. Typical adults are about 12 inches long. Weights vary greatly with time of year and with location. At emergence from hibernation, gophers weigh between 0.44 to 0.88 lbs but by the time they hibernate again, this may have risen to nearly 1.65 lbs. Males are slightly larger and heavier than females on average. They are dark brown on the upper side and tan underneath. The tail is shorter and less bushy than in other ground squirrels, and the external ears are so short as to look more like holes in the animals head. Behaviour is more like that of a prairie dog than a typical ground squirrel. The tail is constantly trembling.

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