Got A Rodent Problem? Need a exterminator? If you have mice, voles or other rodents roaming free in your house or yard you will see signs of them, before you actually catch sight of one. The ‘rule of thumb’ with rodents is: “For Every 1 You See, There Are 10 You Don’t.


These are some signs of mice & other rodents that you can look for. If you think you have mice in your home or a rodent infestation – don’t hesitate to call us, your pest control professionals. We will Solve your pest problem for you.
  • Food debris is scattered around your home or business.
  • You discover nesting debris and will see specific traffic patterns.
  • Hearing scratching or tiny footsteps at night.
  • You find droppings, small oblong pellets that are pointed at one end and less the 1/32″ in diameter.
  • Signs of chewing on walls, food packages, and even floors.

Tips to Prevent an Rodent Infestation

Getting rid of a mouse infestation can be tricky. Most materials that Pest Control Professionals use are not available for retail consumer purchase. If you have tried to solve the problem with mouse traps such as snap traps, baits, glue traps, live traps, mouse poison and other DIY solutions and your problem persists, it may be time to contact a professional. For persistent pest problems or new ideas on how to handle the situation yourself, contact our pest management professionals. We – your local exterminators can help you solve Mouse Infestation in your Home or Business by providing Free Advice, Thorough Inspection, and A Comprehensive Mouse Control Plan that is based on the inspection findings. We serve Central Alberta and are you experts on Mouse extermination with almost 30 years of experience.

Once these rodents are in your home, they are most difficult to evict. Discourage these quickly multiplying and unwelcome guests:

  • Inspect windows and doors for small openings for entry points and plug them with steel wool.
  • Clear your property of attractive nesting sites like leaf and wood plies or stacked up debris.
  • Tightly seal garbage containers.

Types of Rodents in Alberta

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Request Free Pest Inspection

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