Skunk Control & Extermination

If you think you have a skunk problem, contact us. You can confidentially discuss your situation with us, and if needed one of our licensed and experienced exterminators will assess the situation and inform you of the findings and your options. 

About Skunks in Alberta

Skunks feed heavily on insects and rodents such as mice. They don’t truly hibernate but will become inactive in the coldest months of winter. Though not usually social, skunks will den with other skunks in order to share body warmth.

Normally skunks are not aggressive and will let you know that they feel threatened and may spray by:

  • Stamping their front feet
  • Growling
  • Raising their tails
  • Hissing

Respond to this threat by quietly and slowly backing away and making no sudden or aggressive movements as you do.

Source: Alberta Environment & Parks

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