So you might have bed bugs. Unfortunately, they exist seasonally year-round, can cause numerous problems and can take weeks or even months to eliminate. So should you try a do-it-yourself method when it comes to bed bug control?

This article will help you identify the problem, understand safety concerns when it comes to pest control, and ultimately what to do when you do have these pests.

Identifying the Problem

No one wants to become a victim of bed bugs, we’ve all heard stories about how difficult and stressful it can be when you realize you have them. The first step is to understand whether you actually have an infestation. One of the ways you can do this is by taking a few measures to check for them. Even if you do not have them, it is always a good idea to do this regularly as a preventative measure against a full-blown infestation.

The first sign most people have of an infestation are bed bug bites which is exactly what you don’t want. Here’s how to check if you have bugs in your bed or furniture:

  • Grab gloves and a flashlight
  • Focus on your sheets, mattress, and box spring.
  • Slowly take everything apart piece by piece inspecting it.
  • Make sure to inspect all seams and edges.
  • Check for dark brown or red spots (usually, you can find them in bunches).
  • Look for bed bug skin sheddings. As bed bugs grow, they molt, leaving empty shells.

After you’ve identified the problem, you may want to perform a DIY method to get rid of it. This will consist of a time consuming method involving removing and sealing any clothes, bedding, and all other loose material. On top of this, you will need other methods like hot treatment, cold treatment, and even steam cleaning your carpets which still might not get rid of them entirely.

You may need to repeat this process more than once to ensure they do not spread, and even then bed bugs are very hard to kill on your own.


Is Pest Control Safe for Pets and Kids?

Now that you’re aware that a DIY method will be difficult and time consuming (and possibly might not even work), you might be considering calling in the experts and find yourself wondering “Is pest control safe for pets and kids?”
We asked our expert Scott Fortna who had this to say:

“Yes, Pest Control is safe for kids and pets if the treatment is administered and managed by a professional, licensed pest control company, like Assassin Pest Control. Before treatment, speak with your technician, they will advise you on what to expect and how to prepare your home.”

What to do

The best method when it comes to a tried and tested pest solution is to call in the experts. Please keep in mind if you have a bed bug infestation, this has nothing to do with cleanliness as they can happen to anyone.

The best solution is to call in a trusted pest control services company to help you eliminate your pest problem for good.

With over 30 years of combined experience, Assassin Pest Control Solution can provide you with a confidential and free quote if you suspect an infestation.

If you are concerned about any other pests, please visit our pest control library for more information on a variety of different pests.

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