Six months out of the year in Alberta, most people usually do not have to worry about encountering spiders. This is due to the freezing temperatures that drive them out of the province, send them into a deep sleep, or are unable to survive.

Unfortunately, these pests will enter people’s households during the winter months to survive the harsh winter. In some circumstances, professional spider removal will be required to rid your house of these pests seeking refuge. Now, spring is arriving, and spider season is among us. This means that spider spottings will ramp up.

Spiders in Alberta

Alberta is home to over 628 species of spiders, and the only one potentially dangerous to humans is the western black widow. Luckily enough, bad encounters with this spider are incredibly uncommon as they naturally flee to avoid danger. Nonetheless, if you suspect a black widow may have made its way onto your property, call a certified pest control expert as soon as possible.

Spider Pest Control

In Alberta, you are far more likely to encounter a wolf spider, orb weaver, jumping spider, or a harvestmen spider (commonly known as a daddy-long-legs). Although some of these arachnids can look quite intimidating, they are very rarely aggressive to humans and act as a natural predator of other backyard pests that can wreak havoc on gardens, flowers, and grass.



Identification can certainly be difficult since there are over 628 different species to identify. Each species can differ greatly, where a small detail, such as a single stripe, can differentiate between a venomous spider and a non-venomous one. This highlights the importance of calling a reputable pest control company to identify and handle the spider correctly.

Spider Control

It can be terrifying to see a spider, or many, scurrying around your home. But there are multiple ways to deter and get rid of them in your house.

  1. Dusting regularly

    Dusting your house regularly discourages spiders from making their home in the tiny crevices that dust usually collects in.

  2. Use essential oils around your home

    Spiders dislike strong odours. Essential oils, specifically peppermint, deter them very effectively.

  3. Call a local pest control company

    For truly effective infestation prevention and control, you need to call a certified pest control expert who can end your problem once and for all.

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