Testimonials From Our Clients

“I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Assassin Pest Solution.  Assassin Pest Solution has demonstrated professionalism, dedication, and commitment at the Rahr Malting facility for the past (2) two years. Through the efforts of the Assassin staff, we have a very comprehensive Pest Management system in place that surpasses our site prerequisites and HACCP plan.  Frequent communication, suggestions, and recommendations by both parties are also encouraged an appreciated.  I would encourage and recommend anyone to utilize the services of Assassin Pest Solutions.

Cody Marshall

Operations Director, Rahr Malting Canada Ltd.

“Super quick, easy and positive wasp nest experience. I now have an unquenchable thirst for brutalizing bugs that I will surely follow up with another call so we can eradicate every ant in existence! Thank you!”

Ashley Watchel

“Scott was knowledgeable and helpful when I was concerned regarding bugs in my house. Great service!”


“Great results, quick friendly service. Called on Saturday, and Scott was able to fit me in the next day. He knew right away what was eating all our plants, and what to do about them.”

Landon McClocklin

“Scott and team were great to deal with. The responded promptly to my inquiry and the job was completed on time with efficiency and detail to service, thanks Assassins!”

Paul Gillespie

“Scott is super knowledgeable and provides amazing customer service. I highly recommend this company!”

Leanne Huber

“Randy was very informative, understanding and professional when I needed an exterminator. His prices were much lower than his competitors and his customer service skills were much better too. I would definitely recommend Assassin Pest Solution to anyone with a bug problem!”

Christy Sears

“This team is fantastic. Not only are they great at what they do. They genuinely care about their clients! I highly recommend them.”

Carolyn Starr

“Very professional, Friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend Randy!”

Zac Lambert

“Along with knowledge and experience in the field which is unmatched, you get the privilege of dealing with Randy. A unique, customer-service focused individual. Randy treats his customers like friends so you get the solution you need to your pest control issues not some standard package you might get from some other companies. I highly recommend Assassin.”

Tim Buckley

“Fantastic service. Prompt to return my call, was able to book an appointment 2 days after I called. He was on time, professional, friendly, and his rates are very affordable. Would definitely recommend this company”

Colleen Tysoe

“Randy is very professional and knowledgeable concerning any pest problem you may have. He has been looking after any pest problem I have had. Cluster flies you don’t have to put up with them. Randy does a super job and I highly recommend Assassin Pest Control.”

Crystal Thompson

“These guys are not only experts on all things creepy and crawly, but they are honest and have integrity, which is rare these days!! They won’t BS you, and will get your issues addressed and resolved as quickly as they can without breaking the bank! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Kathie Covell

“Randy was very thorough when inspecting our home for pests. He was quick and effective to exterminate a wasps nest under our deck. I highly recommend Assassin Pest Solution.”

Leslie Mouncey

“Best service Randy has so much knowledge about pests fixed my infestation fast and he well be the first to be called if any other problems come.”

Paul De Luca

“This company responded right away to my call, and were out to get the job done within a couple of hours! Very professional, friendly and super efficient!! I called several pest control companies and still haven’t heard back from them….Assassin already has the job done!! Thanks very much!”

Stella Robb

“Randy was “the best”! He came on short notice to remove a wasps nest in the eves of our garage, a few days before our sons wedding. Excellent service and his knowledge is impeccable. Highly recommend.”

Adrienne Higgins-Potter

“I strongly recommend Assassin Pest Solution! Randy is extremely knowledgeable and helpful!!”

Jessica Giuliani

“Today I called Scott as there is a wasp nest under my siding and getting into my house. Scott gave me a whole lot of easy to understand information. Advised me what to do and the steps to take the next time I see wasps (in the spring). Scott knows what he is talking about, he was willing to come to me ( I live in Rural Alberta) but knows that I would be able to manage them this late in the year. If the wasp show up next year I will be on the phone right away cos now I have this information on wasps I know that Assassin will be the company to go to! Thank you Scott for your help.”

Tara Burns

“Scott came out to rid our condo complex of wasp, he went above what was expected and has won a lifetime customer, Awesome service!!!!”

Joe Crosby

“On time….efficient….explain every detail….cost effective! Can’t ask for anything more….I highly recommend this service!! And no spiders and flying insects this year!!”

Bonnie Hall

“They did exactly what I needed quickly and effectively. Problem is gone and everyone is happy at home. Thanks Scott and team!”

Karl Erickson

“If you have any type of pest, including weeds! These guys are great! Honest, punctual and thorough! Best in the business!”

Cynthia Oliver

“Always so professional and helpful. Thank you for the help!”

Amanda J. Metherall

“Professional & Efficient Service.Thanks For All Your Help Guys!”

Trevor Weber

“I don’t normally share businesses but I must put out a blurb for Assassin Pest Solution. Randy Unger sprayed our yard with a new chemical used for ants, mosquitoes, those damn flies that bite my dogs, etc. The price was beyond fair and again Randy delivered beyond our expectations!!!! NO BUGS!!! No ants in our trees and dogs have been out lots with NO bites!!! A win win! If any of my fb friends are in need pls give Assassin a call. You won’t be disappointed!!!! (This is not a paid advertisement. Just a happy customer.)”

Carrie Bourgeois

“Randy is extremely knowledgeable! He addressed all of my questions, and was awesome to deal with. I really appreciated that he called me to follow up and see how everything was working out. I highly recommend Assassin Pest Solution.”

Tiffany Sperling

“Our house was totally surrounded by ants. They had covered our deck and were occupying a portion of an outside wall of our house. We could not walk anywhere without coming across more ants. Ultimately, the ants where making their way into our home. Randy did a thorough assessment of the situation and consulted with entomologists, in order to come up with a plan that would suit our particular needs. The safest use of the products was implemented inside and outside with outstanding results. Randy communicated with us constantly, keeping us updated and informed as the treatment was applied. He followed up with visits and inspections afterward to ensure success. All visits were arranged with plenty of forewarning and follow up reminders. The ants that were on our deck, house and outside are gone. It is with real appreciation we thank Randy for his work ethics and the job he did for us. He was sensitive to our needs and went the extra mile to do his best work. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to all who need help with invasive pests.”

M. Milne

“I had a great experience, randy was beyond helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Fixed our problem and made sure to check in how everything was going. Late at night on a weekend I could still reach him. Thanks for everything guys!”

Page Volkart

“Randy is very knowledgeable and understanding of our pest problems and situation. He was so helpful and went above and beyond for us. I definitely recommend him for any pest problems you have.”

Teresa K

“Results are the only proof. When Randy at Assassin pest control told me he had a solution to my carpenter ant problem, I was skeptical. But as he began to explain his approach, I began to gain confidence. Not only did he have experience with carpenter ants, he knew how to deal with log cabin infestations. Fast forward to the day of reckoning (for the ants). Randy delivered. He obliterated any trace of carpenter ants in the cabin, and in the general vicinity. Two weeks later, not a trace of life of any ant (or any other bug), anywhere! Bravo, you assassins!

Here’s what I have come to appreciate about Assassin Pest Control:

  • Results, results, results.
  • Experience and a passion for their mission.
  • An educational approach (I know so much about carpenter ants now I actually have come to appreciate them – weird, I know!).
  • Go the extra mile (Randy went above and beyond what I had asked for, and paid for – thanks for the attic bomb).
  • Communication (always available, and immediate reply to texts and phone calls).

I highly recommend Assassin pest control. These guys deliver.”

Dennis Trepanier

“When I first learned that these little blood sucking vampire insects that we know as bed bugs had become a resident in my home. I called everyone and what a surprise answering services on all calls. I could not get a hold of anybody. The very first person to call me back was Randy and quite promptly I might add as well. Now I am not a jump at the first response kind of person so I eventually talked with everyone and carefully made a plan of how I was going to attack this problem. Randy has spent so much of his time talking to me and helping me with this issue. I only have one thing to this is the company you want to do business with. Randy cares and has a very indepth knowledge of these insects. If you do what he says and believe me this is a lot of work. The prep work and continued vigilance is part of the solution. He will get these vampires out of your home. Thanks again Randy and Assassin Pest Control.”

Cameron Koole

“I had a little ant (pun intended) problem in my condo on and off for 2 years. When I finally got tired of it I contacted my condo board management company for a recommendation. They indicated that they recommend Scott and Assassin Pest Solution. Within hours of contacting Scott, we had a game plan as to how to rid my tiny problem. He was professional, informative, and prompt considering I’m from out of town. I am now ant free and can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. Thanks Scott!”

Jill Miller

“Thank you Randy for coming out in such short notice to help get rid of a wasp infestation in our house! Assassin’s was the ONLY company to come through after being turned away by many others!
Randy also followed up with me a few times after treatment to be sure we were satisfied and treatment was a success! Shows they care about their job and their customers!

Great company! Very informative, and also explained his procedures well! If you have a pest problem definitely give this company a call!

Definitely Recommend Randy with Assassin Pest Control! Thanks Again!!”

Brittany Forsyth


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