Your Restaurant May Have Some Uninvited Guests

Unless a restaurant owner makes a concerted effort to keep pests away, it’s only a matter of time before they find their way in. Mice, flies, rats, and other creatures like to show up when staff goes home for the night.

Moreover, common restaurant pests can compromise the health of permanent and temporary staff members. We’ll forgo the details of how this happens until later in the article, but suffice it to say that rats and mice don’t exactly have the most stellar table manners.

In addition, the mere sight of any pest during dining hours is enough to ruin an establishment’s reputation for years to come. Instead of taking a chance, getting proactive and hiring pest control professionals for a professional pest inspection can eliminate a lot of future mishaps by preventing potential infestations before they happen.

How Do Restaurant Pest Problems Develop?

Positive restaurant reviews are a wonderful thing when they come from customers. When pests discover an attractive source of food, however, they tend to tell their friends too. Soon, more animals and insects are showing up looking to find a meal.

This is where our preventative commercial pest control services come in. By taking action early and having us out for an inspection, restaurants can identify and eliminate pest problems before they get out of control.

Which Pests Love Restaurants?

1. Flies

None of the pests on our list are exactly polite, but flies are a unique type of rude. Whenever the mood strikes them, flies tend to vomit wherever they’re standing. Of course, this means that flies in a restaurant routinely vomit on countertops, the dishes, and on whatever food they manage to land on.

It gets worse. A fly’s standard diet mostly consists of garbage and waste. Thus, the vomit coming up from their stomachs contains a variety of pathogenic germs and bacteria.

Flies tend to come in through open doors and windows, but they can also arrive inside shipment containers. In addition, they’re always watching closely for ways to get into nearby trash repositories. It’s difficult to prevent flies from finding a way to access their precious dumpsters, but placing garbage receptacles as far away from the restaurant as possible can often keep them at bay.

Positive air pressure can also keep flies away. Flies are no match for a high-speed fan, so don’t hesitate to literally blow them away.

2. Rodents

Simply put, rodents are a restaurant owner’s worst nightmare. They eat everything in sight, including nearby wiring and storage bags. In fact, they often cause additional pest infestations by chewing holes in ingredient containers and letting insects know that there’s food available in the area.
To keep them away, we recommend mopping up the floors every night as if your livelihood depends on it. Clean any kitchen spills immediately, look for crumbs in every corner and under cooking equipment, and always keep the windows closed. Mice and rats also love to sneak in at night through small holes in the wall, so sealing cracks in vulnerable areas can also help.

3. Roaches

If there is one roach in a restaurant, there are usually many. Like flies, roaches love to dine on garbage. They often carry salmonella, creating a serious risk of food poisoning for patrons.

Cockroaches love grease, so restaurants serving dishes that feature a lot of oils and fats are especially at risk. Never let grease sit on pots and pans overnight. Break up oils with soap before they come in contact with pipes. Make sure to also put away leftovers in an air-tight container immediately.

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