Wasps are one of the most loathed pests in Alberta because of their un-friendly behaviour and vicious stinging habits. Warm weather and pretty flowers are often welcome signs of spring and summer. However, this warm weather also brings the emergence of these stinging insects that are particularly quite a nuisance to many people, causing many to require wasp removal.

Their presence in Alberta is most prominent between the spring and summer, and in the fall their presence will start to decrease as the weather cools down and kills them off or drives them into hibernation. They are a common problem in residential areas due to their highly territorial nature.

Common Types 

Many different species of wasps are found in Alberta, but these in particular are most commonly found:

Paper Wasps

Polistes dominula, more commonly known as the European Paper Wasp, is an invasive species in Alberta and has risen to prominence because of their high adaptability. Being able to inhabit almost any habitat, creating their nest near or on your property is not beneath them. They are commonly confused with yellow jackets as they both feature prominent black and yellow markings.

Yellow JacketsWasp pest control

The Common Aerial Yellowjacket is similar to the Polistes dominula in both looks and behaviour; these vicious pests also don’t mind setting up shop on the side of your house and will mistakenly defend your property- from you, your family, and any visitors. Because of this, you should call your local pest control company that does professional wasp removal to remedy the situation effectively.

Health Risks

It is vital to address the potential health risks of these pests, as many people are allergic to them and could be seriously harmed by an episode of anaphylaxis or another allergic reaction. These health risks highlight the importance of calling a certified wasp exterminator or pest control expert to solve your problem for you.

Wasp Removal and Control

Some effective ways to prevent these pests from infesting your home are to:

  1. Seal entry points and remove nesting sites
  2. Use deterrents such as essential oils or traps
  3. Call your certified wasp control experts for the most effective wasp and wasp-nest removal
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